Check out @NJMonthly 's guide to LBI by Christina Colizza (@Ms_Cold_Pizza)

Check out @NJMonthly 's guide to LBI by Christina Colizza (@Ms_Cold_Pizza)

“It’s kind of our motto here,” says Joe Lesko, Neptune’s burly head chef. Barefoot lifeguards and bikini-clad patrons sit at the barstools watching the 34-year-old Forked River native grill his locally prized Philly cheesesteaks and “Nooney burgers”—8-ounce Angus patties with lettuce, tomato, onion, hot pepper relish and mayo on a Kaiser roll.

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Track the free #LBI shuttle online. h/t @auciello @NewsWorksWHYY

Have you tried the free LBI shuttle? We used it several times last year. The kids loved it and we took it from Surf City to Beach Haven to enjoy a worry free happy hour at The Shell. 

We think it is a great addition to LBI. Service starts up again this weekend. We found out by reading Justin Auciello's Down The Shore Blog. 

Not only did we learn that service starts up this weekend but we also found out that you can track the buses as well. Check out to see where the buses are.

Now if we could only get a Mainland loop in there. Say a loop that includes Mud City & Old Causeway + The Dutchman's. Just mix in one loop every hour or so. 



Love this line: N.J. - (AP) -- There's more of the Jersey shore this year. @newsday @wayneparryac

How's that for a great start to an article on the shore to kick off the 2015 summer season? Newsday picks up an AP article (written by Wayne Parry I think ) about how great our beaches are looking due to a mild winter.

Here is a quote:  

"I would say the beaches are in very good condition," said Jon Miller, a coastal expert with Stevens Institute of Technology. "We really didn't have any significant storms for the second year in a row, which certainly helps. Summer is looking good too, as the forecast is for a quiet season in the tropics."


Sounds good to us! 

Places to drink on the shore - @eatinginsjersey - oh and use @uber_nj

Places to drink on the shore - @eatinginsjersey - oh and use @uber_nj

Getting a little taste of warmer weather brings to mind thoughts of summer days along the beach and cool nights that heat up with fun and frolic. The shore will provide plenty of lively libations and endless entertainment. This little column will only contain a taste, but let’s give you that taste just to whet your appetite.

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Check out @amykup 's giant list of NJ festivals on @njdotcom . We'd add @hopsaucefest and Food Truck at Manahawkin Flea market

 Amy Kuperinsky at just put out a monster list of festivals in NJ. Here are some of the LBI area festivals we found on the list:

June 4-7 - Like your flicks by the Shore? The Lighthouse International Film Festival docks at Long Beach Island;

June 6 - ARRRRR. Get your tri-corner hats and eye patches in order. Tuckerton Seaport's Privateers and Pirates Festival is sailing in for a rollicking good time;

July 20/21 - Does Dad like a little shrimp with his brew? The Baymen's Seafood & Music Festival at Tuckerton Seaport stars shellfish and craft beer;

We'd also add the Hop Sauce Fest on 5/30 and there are food truck events at the Manahawkin Flea Market. And ChowderFest!


60 N.J. summer festivals on tap for 2015