Places to drink on the shore - @eatinginsjersey - oh and use @uber_nj

John Howard-Fusco at the Courier Post Online ( also @eatinginsjersey on twitter ) has a post about places to drink at the shore. He hits some LBI highlights. The roof deck at Daddy O's and the beer selection at The Arlington are highlights.

We'd bet that you'd have no better drink on the shore then that cold beer or glass of wine you'll have out on the deck when you are enjoying you vacation at our house. But it is nice to know about these options.

If you go just keep in mind that our police officers take drinking and driving very seriously ( rightly so!). There are several taxi services that serve our area and did you know that Uber covers the LBI area too? A little pricey but much cheaper than a DUI citation.

Now come on down and enjoy a cold one at the shore!

Check out @eatinginsjersey 's article 

Nightlife: Places to drink down the shore