Did @NJStreetSmart have an impact on LBI? @CommutingLarry reports that it did.

Did you notice the extra enforcement of crosswalk enforcement on LBI last season? That was part of a NJTPA state wide pilot program known as Street Smart NJ. They just put out a report that shows some of the results of the program. 

The report highlights some of the things they did:

In Long Beach Island (Summer 2014): ♦ A free shuttle bus that traveled the length of the island was wrapped with the Street Smart NJ message for the entire 2014 season. ♦ High-visibility enforcement details were conducted on Long Beach Boulevard, the island’s main thoroughfare. ♦ Two digital outdoor billboards were purchased at Routes 72 and 9 adjacent to the causeway that leads onto the island (only entry and exit point to the Island). ♦ High-exposure airplane banner messages were seen during 20 flyovers of the beach/island. ♦ Online messages were placed on NJ.com generating an estimated 1 million impressions. ♦ Digital spots were placed on Pandora Internet radio generating an estimated 400,000 impressions. ♦ Sidewalk and street signs focusing on pedestrian safety laws and tips were displayed across the island.

According to Larry's article in today's on NJ.com LBI saw a 71% decrease in pedestrian collisions. Read more in Larry's article: 

Crosswalks are getting safer for pedestrians and drivers in N.J.