Today's @Time @Money #MoneyTip - How to Negotiate a Killer Deal on Your Summer Vacation Rental

As a vacation rental home owner we are always looking to help rental families feel like that are getting the best possible vacation rental experience. Sometimes 'the deal' part of the rental experience is what people look for. We can relate to that, who doesn't like a 'deal'? Time Magazine has some pretty fair and solid tips on getting vacation rental deal that both the home owner and the rental family are happy with.

Be a good and respectful guest, follow all the house rules, and leave everything in the same condition you found it in, if not better. If you had an excellent experience, do not forget to refer others to the rental — and let your host know that you will be referring them to others. You may receive a similarly good deal, or even a better one, the next time you stay there.

Even though the article has a pretty brash headline there is some sound advice in the actual article. We recommend it as a read for summer rental vacation families.